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May 11, 2007 / * ()
28 Weeks Later
Georgia Rule
Away From Her
The Ex
The Hip-Hop Project
The Salon
Zoo, Syndromes and a Century, Exterminating Angels

Red Road / ***1/2 (Not rated)
by Jim Emerson Editor, Vertigo, they say, is not really a fear of falling; it's a fear of jumping. The gap between the subject and the ground creates such strong psychological conflict in the afflicted that the temptation to eliminate it by leaping into the void is overpowering, and dizziness sets in.

People: Katie Couric on Ebert's return
An appreciation of Roger Ebert by Katie Couric on Here in Chicago -- where I'm reporting a story on Barack Obama's days as a community activist and attending a benefit for the American Cancer Society -- there's cause for celebration. It's not the kind with fireworks, it's a quieter, gentler kind of celebration. Roger Ebert has returned to the movies....

Commentary: A bouquet arrives...
A beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered to the house the other day. A handwritten note paid compliments to my work and wished me a speedy recovery. Who was it from? A friend? A colleague? An old classmate? The card was signed, “Your Least Favorite Movie Star, Rob Schneider.” Saints preserve us. It will help to establish a context if I mention that my review of Schneider’s latest film, “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo,” contained three words which provided me with the title of my new book: “Your Movie Sucks.”

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