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Ocean's Thirteen / **1/2 (PG-13)
by Roger Ebert The genius of the past decays remorselessly into the routine of the present, and one example is the downfall of the caper picture. The classic caper genre had rules set in stone. It began (1) with an impregnable fortress (vault, casino, museum, or even Fort Knox). Then we met (2) a group of men who hoped to impregnate it. There was (3) a setup about the defenses of the fortress, and (4) a chalk talk in which the mastermind told the others what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. This had the advantage of also briefing the audience, so that the actual caper could proceed in suspenseful silence while we understood what they were doing and why.

Crazy Love / **1/2 (Not rated)
by Jim Emerson Bill Kurtis does not actually narrate the documentary "Crazy Love" -- nobody does. But if you're familiar with Kurtis (the ubiquitous television true-crime producer and host of "American Justice" and "Cold Case Files" on A&E, former WBBM-Channel 2 Chicago news anchor, and narrator of "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"), then you'll have an idea of what kind of movie "Crazy Love" is. It looks like it was ready-made for cable, or one of those "Dateline"/ "20/20"/"48 Hours" magazine shows about bizarre crimes of passion and perverse relationships.

Angel-A / ** (R)
by Jim Emerson I almost forgot to write this review. "Angel-A" screened for critics on a Friday morning and by Monday I'd forgotten that I'd seen it. Good thing I took notes. You don't need to. If you have 91 minutes to spare, you can watch "Angel-A" and then just go ahead and forget about it on your own.

June 8, 2007 / * ()
Surf's Up
Hostel Part II
Showbusiness: The Road to Broadway
Hollywood Dreams
The Guatemalan Handshake, Private Fears in Public Places (Coeurs), I Don't Want to Sleep Alone (Hei Yan Qua)

Stephanie Daley / ***1/2 (R)
by Roger Ebert At a high school ski outing, a trail of blood is visible in the snow. The trail is left by Stephanie Daley, a 16-year-old girl, whose stillborn baby is found in a toilet. The girl claims that she didn't know she was pregnant, but the "ski mom" case becomes a sensation. She is charged with murder, and before her trial, is sent for sessions with a forensic psychologist named Lydie Crane.

War and Peace / **** ()
The Gene Siskel Film Center presents the North American Premiere of Sergei Bondarchuk's Oscar-winning 415-minute "War and Peace," June 1-7, 2007. Roger Ebert's original review is here. by Roger Ebert The movies have done a lot of borrowing during their long climb to the status of an art form, but they've also invented an approach or two. It is impossible to think of gangsters or cowboys without thinking of the movies; and perhaps epics also belong on the list of genres that are uniquely cinematic. No other medium, except literature, is so well suited to the epic form.

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