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December 22, 2006 / * ()
Rocky Balboa
Children of Men

The Good Shepherd / ** ()
by Jim Emerson Editor, If you think George Tenet's Central Intelligence Agency was a disaster, wait until you see Robert De Niro's torpid, ineffectual movie about the history of the agency, "The Good Shepherd." Once again, responsibility for the large-scale failure does not lie with the valiant and hard-working operatives in the field (or the actors on the screen), but with the mismanagement of the director himself. It is unlikely, however, that any awards -- including Presidential Medals of Freedom -- will be bestowed upon De Niro or his plodding writer, Eric Roth, for their misfeasance.

Commentary: Ebert's Four-Star Movies of 2006
Here we are at the end of 2006, which has been a challenging year. My wife Chaz and I thank you for all of your support, prayers, and kind thoughts. Onward to a Victorious 2007! In lieu of a Best Ten List, Jim Emerson has assembled the movies to which I have given three-and-a-half and four stars. The movies appear in alphabetical order. If some of your favorite movies don't appear here, remember that I did not get a chance to see them all. Here's wishing you Peace and Joy throughout the Holiday Season. -- Roger Ebert

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Weekend Box Office: December 15-17, 2006
The Pursuit of Happyness tops the box office with $26.5 million

Daily Box Office: Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Rocky Balboa tops Wednesday's box office with $6.2 million

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