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High-Speed Traders Are Taking Over Bitcoin
Zhou Shuoji is not a bitcoin believer. He says the cryptocurrency will never replace its traditional forebears, and he calls most of its proponents fanatics. But for Zhou, a 35-year-old high-speed trader in Beijing, bitcoin is also too good to resist.
01/16/2017 04:17 AM

Chinese Exchanges Curb Bitcoin Margin Trading
Last week's warning from the PBOC to its citizens about the risk of investing in bitcoin and the following on-site investigations at China's three largest bitcoin exchanges, OKCoin, Huobi and BTCC, spooked bitcoin investors and pushed the price down to its ...
01/15/2017 05:36 PM

Bitcoin and the surprising “disturbance in the force” that will upend our financial systems
In 1984, Congressman Jack Kemp introduced the “Gold Standard Act of 1984.” At the time, many people found it inconceivable to have anything more stable than gold to serve as the basis for our economy. 32 years later, gold is losing its luster, and the ...
01/16/2017 05:48 AM

Blockchain Is The Future, But Is Bitcoin?
Blockchain is showing it has many applications across numerous sectors. Bitcoin is just one example of how it will be put to good use in the future. Blockchain is here to stay and so is Bitcoin. By Parke Shall As we open up the intricacies of the Bitcoin ...
01/16/2017 05:26 AM

UK Exchange Coinfloor Embraces 'No-Fee' Bitcoin Trading
London-based digital currency exchange Coinfloor has announced it will adopt a 'no-fee' bitcoin trading policy beginning later this week. With the move, Coinfloor, one of the larger players in bitcoin's still nascent GBP market, embraces a pricing strategy ...
01/16/2017 12:01 AM

Bitcoin Price Watch; Playing This Evening’s Levels
SPONSORED ARTICLE: Tech Analysis articles are sponsored by SimpleFX - Simple as Never Before, SimpleFX is a robust online trading provider, offering trading with Forex CFDs on Bitcoins, Litecoins, indices, precious metals and energy. Offers and trading ...
01/16/2017 03:53 AM

ViaBTC Is The Self-Proclaimed Best SPV Base Mining Pool For Bitcoin
Not too long ago, the ViaBTC Bitcoin mining pool received some negative attention due to them mining a growing amount of empty network blocks. Ever since that time, however, the pool has turned things around, and no empty blocks were produced in the past ...
01/16/2017 05:21 AM

Israel’s crypto-tax rules seek to treat bitcoin as an asset
The government of Israel has decided to treat digital currencies like bitcoin as assets instead of foreign currencies for the purpose of taxation. The Israel Tax Authority released a draft circular last week, which detailed “the tax professional ...
01/16/2017 06:02 AM

As People’s Bank of China Sends Bitcoin Spiralling Down the Centralization Era Comes for Bitcoin
China is at the center of Bitcoin as it should be. After all, most of the world’s Bitcoin is mined and traded there. However of late, the Chinese Bitcoin scene has a new persona on the stage and that is the country’s almighty central bank, the People ...
01/16/2017 05:44 AM

Top 5 Bitcoin Vanity Addresses
Throughout the course of Bitcoin history, there have been some rather unique addresses. Some users resort to vanity generation solutions, which allow anyone to create an address with specific letter combinations that matter to them. In 2017, this process ...
01/16/2017 05:48 AM

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